What Our Customers Say

***WillisPalmer has merged with ISWA Ltd as of the 1st April 2017.

Both WillisPalmer and ISWA are long standing businesses which have collaborated extensively in the past. We hold the same core values and aim to provide services which are child focussed, quality driven and are offered at value for money to local authorities and others.

Together, we will become the largest independent social work agency in the UK, thus offering a large geographical spread, an increased pool of practitioners, wider expertise, and a development allowing for economies of scale.*** 

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  • 28.05.15

    Martin Lawrence - The Octagon

    'Thank you so very much for your community support, the computers will be put to good use enabling residents to learn how to use the internet and send messages to loved ones'.

    May 2015

  • 20.05.15

    Midlands Service Manager

    'We know that you are a little more expensive than some other agencies but we never have to worry about your assessments many of which are used in care proceedings'

    February 2015

  • Panel Advisor

    'Our Panel are so impressed with the quality of your assessments'

    March 2015

  • West Midlands Local Authority Commissioner

    'Having seen the consistent quality of your work, you are now our preferred provider'

    April 2015

  • West Midlands Local Authority Fostering Manager

    'You're the best'

    May 2015

  • Judge - Midlands

    ‘When I read the report I was very impressed by it’s thoroughness, its balance and it’s thoughtfulness’


    November 2013

  • Social Worker

    "I would recommend ISWA Ltd as an agency with high standards and expectations of itself and a good reputation for providing expert witness in family courts" 

    April 2006

  • Solicitor - South Wales

    "It is important that my testimonial should reflect the fact that ISWA as a Company is always my first choice when independent assessments are required."

    May 2006

  • Solicitor - Birmingham

    "Throughout my involvement with the agency I have been impressed by the professionalism, experience and efficiency of the assessments. The organisation is held in high regard by legal practitioners, Social Workers, Guardians and the judiciary"

    May 2006

  • Solicitor - Birmingham

    "We have always found the conduct of the agency to be extremely professional. Not only in respect of their administrative work but also in connection with the provision of the wide range of services that they are able to offer to professionals such as us." 

    May 2006

  • Designated Family Judge - Central Region

    "The work is done expeditiously and in accordance with court timetables" - "As a judge, I have sufficient faith in ISWA to authorise the instruction of an Associate even before the parties can give me a name for inclusion in my order."

    May 2006

  • Advocate - Parents Advocacy Network

    "It is my opinion that the professional conduct of all whom I had contact with was of a high standard. I was accompanied by 3 parents with learning disabilities who were treated as equals and with respect and understanding of their experiences within the field of child protection." 

    October 2007

  • Solicitor - South Wales

    "It is an organisation that is well known in the South Wales area and well respected by practitioners and members of the judiciary alike."

    October 2007

  • Service User

    "We have just celebrated our son's second birthday at the zoo. He would not be at home and this would not have been possible without your intervention".

    June 2008

  • Designated Family Judge - South West Region

    Commented in his judgement in a highly complex matter that he found our Associate's - "evidence to be very clear and very impressive".

    December 2008

  • Solicitor – Birmingham

    Service Evaluation Form for Parenting Assessment – "A very helpful service"

    Top Scores on Professional and administrative Services
    February 2009

  • Solicitor for Legal Services, London Borough of Bexley

    "Thank you for the way that this instruction has been dealt with. It has been very smooth and efficient despite the fact that the family live overseas and the freak weather we had earlier this year. I shall certainly keep your company in mind for future family assessments." 

    March 2009

  • Solicitor – Birmingham

    Service Evaluation Form for heavily contested Private Law Matter – Top Scores on Professional and administrative Services
    June 2009

  • Solicitor - Surrey

    "I thought that ISWA provided a very thorough assessment." 

    ISWA Customer Service Evaluation Form - Top Scores in all categories.
    July 2009

  • Solicitor – South Wales

    Service Evaluation Form for Parenting Assessment –

    "Excellent and efficient service"

    Top Scores on Professional and administrative Services
    August 2009

  • Solicitor - South Wales

    "Although your conclusion was not in favour of my client, your report was exceptionally good and your evidence in court was impressive".

  • Solicitor - South Wales

    "Many thanks for the excellent viability report and subsequent evidence." 

    Top scores in all evaluation categories.
    September 2009

  • Solicitor for Legal Services, Powys County Council, Wales

    'An excellent and helpful report on both parents'

    Top scores in all evaluation categories.
    March 2010

  • Blue Sky Fostering

    'I have been very happy with the service provided by ISWA and the associate trainer they recommended. I will certainly be using them again when the need arises.'

    Training evaluation
    May 2010

  • Solicitor - South Wales

    'Excellent report and again, usual high standards'

    Top scores in all evaluation categories.
    September 2010

  • Senior Practitioner - Local Authority

    'This was hands down one of the best training sessions I've been on'

    Child Protection Training Evaluation
    January 2011

  • Midlands District Judge

    'It was a thorough assessment which resulted in a very comprehensive report being prepared. She was cross examined at length on the contents and she impressed as a witness. She has a calm authorititive manner which lends credence to her dilvery. She was unruffled under cross examination and gave clear evidence which I accept unreservedly.'

    Case Final Hearing
    February 2011

  • Solicitor - South Wales

    "A thorough assessment with valued input. Professional and precise at expert's meeting. Associate kept us fully informed of progress."

    Top scores on professional and administrative services.
    April 2011

  • Local Authority Operations Manager

    "The authority continues to be extremely satisfied with the service and value for money in respect of Community Based Parenting Assesments provided by ISWA"

    October 2011

  • Solicitor - South Wales

    " I must emphasise that both the Associate's work on the completion of the report and the service that ISWA have provided has been up to its usual very high standard."

    February 2012

  • West Midlands Local Authority

    " A very quick and professional service."

    March 2012

  • 26.06.12

    East Sussex Local Authority

    'This is an exceptional and very helpful report. The service users have praised your Associate for her work'. Service rated as excellent.

    Team Manager

    June 2012

  • 20.08.12

    West Midlands Authority

    Our contract with you is performing well above specification in terms of quality and timescales

    August 2012

  • 08.03.13

    Solicitor - Bristol

    "I thank you very much for your reports in this matter, which greatly assisted the Parties and the Court to achieve a positive outcome for the children".

    February 2013

  • Judge - Midlands

    "When I read the report I was very impressed by it's thoroughness, it's balance and it's thoughtfulness."


    November 2013

  • Parent

    "I would just like to say a massive thank you for your report and your excellent evidence in Court. This has helped everyone to now work together so I can continue with the progress I have made."


    September 2013

  • Solicitor - Midlands

    "Just to thank you again for the excellent evidence evidence in Court. The Judge commented on how extremely helpful your assessmenthas been and which has really moved the case on."


    August 2013

  • Barrister - Midlands

    "This report is cogent, detailed and thoroughly argued both from the perspective of actual factual materials provided and the statutory framework. I am not surprised to see that his report provides a comprehensive basis for action."


    November 2013