***WillisPalmer has merged with ISWA Ltd as of the 1st April 2017.

Both WillisPalmer and ISWA are long standing businesses which have collaborated extensively in the past. We hold the same core values and aim to provide services which are child focussed, quality driven and are offered at value for money to local authorities and others.

Together, we will become the largest independent social work agency in the UK, thus offering a large geographical spread, an increased pool of practitioners, wider expertise, and a development allowing for economies of scale.*** Click here to visit the WillisPalmer website

ISWA has an excellent track record of partnerships with a range of agencies for the delivery of our services. We have been awarded a range of contracts in differing forms and so are well experienced in working with partners in a manner which best suits their needs. High quality standards, combined with value for money, are hallmarks of our service. Some of our partners include: