About Us

Core Values

***WillisPalmer has merged with ISWA Ltd as of the 1st April 2017.

Both WillisPalmer and ISWA are long standing businesses which have collaborated extensively in the past. We hold the same core values and aim to provide services which are child focussed, quality driven and are offered at value for money to local authorities and others.

Together, we will become the largest independent social work agency in the UK, thus offering a large geographical spread, an increased pool of practitioners, wider expertise, and a development allowing for economies of scale.*** Click here to visit the WillisPalmer website

  1. These are our core values:

Excellence/ Quality

  • Our highest priority is the best outcome for each child
  • It is our firm belief that vulnerable children and their families deserve a good standard of service
  • Quality is a hallmark of our work, and it flows through our other core values
  • We will not compromise our high standards for commercial reasons


  • We put people (service users, staff, commissioners) at the centre of our operations
  • Our team approach reflects the principle that interdependency achieves the greatest success
  • Working together like 'cogs in a gearbox' ensures that the whole is greater than the sum of parts
  • We value and benefit from differences and diversity which results in creative cooperation
  • At the centre of all that we do is mutual respect, open communication, care and empathy

Passion and dedication

  • We look for this in the people we recruit
  • We are always prepared to go the extra mile even if it 'costs' us
  • We are committed to excellence and quality in all that we do
  • This drives and supports creativity and a positive response to challenges and difficulties

Honesty and integrity

  • Transparency and openness are central to our operations
  • We believe in fairness and justice
  • We are accountable as a service, as a team and as individuals for all that we do

Social and environmental responsibility

  • Beyond our social work operations, we recognise our social responsibility towards the communities in which we operate
  • We try to ensure that all of our materials are ethically and locally sourced
  • We endeavour to be environmentally responsible in our operations